Hiking the Mount Makiling Traverse

Mount Makiling

Hiking Mount Isarog had been fun, but we didn’t get a great view from the top, so we decided to try another dormant volcano – Mount Makiling. Mount Makiling is just above 1,000 meters (3,280 feet) high, but the possibility to traverse the volcano instead of just hiking out and back made it sound appealing to […]

Hiking up Mount Isarog

Mount Isarog

Mount Isarog, a volcano lying in the lower quarter of Luzon, Philippines, is an accessible mountain where you can hike to the top and back within a day. Unlike Mayon and Bulusan to the south, hiking to the summit of Isarog is permitted currently, as long as you obtain a permit for your hike. The […]

Getting from Cebu to Donsol by ferry

Ferry Cebu to masbate

If you’re traveling in the Philippines on a budget and without a tight schedule, you might consider taking a ferry from Cebu to Donsol instead of flying. While flying is easier and faster, the ferry trip will most likely be cheaper and you might have a little adventure on the side. Check out our guide on how […]

Swimming with Whale Sharks in Donsol

One of the more elusive and incredible creatures in the ocean, the whale shark, is surprisingly tough to find despite it being the largest fish at 12+ meters long (40 feet). We tried to see them in hot spots both in Mozambique and Thailand without luck, so when we heard they were in Donsol, Philippines, […]