Taupo Bungy

Taupo Bungy

Taupo Bungy

We tend to do free or cheap activities with very few exceptions – once in a lifetime sights that you have to pay for, and adrenaline activities. Taupo Bungy isn’t the highest bungy I’ve jumped, nor is it the cheapest, however it may be the nicest. Bloukrans Bridge at 216 meters is definitely higher than Taupo Bungy and due to the South Africa Rand being weak at the time we visited, it was definitely cheaper, so why would Sissy and I want to bungy at Taupo Bungy?

Taupo Bungy
The front of Taupo Bungy on Spa Road in Taupo.

A couple of reasons we jumped at Taupo Bungy

  1. The setting is ridiculously beautiful. On Spa Road, we’d passed Taupo Bungy a few times while visiting one of our favorite places in New Zealand, Otumuheke Stream, a geothermal stream that’s free and a constant 37c or 100f. The stream feeds into the Waikato River, where Taupo Bungy is located, the longest river in the country which is a beautiful emerald green and light blue.
    Otumuheke Stream
    Sissy enjoying the relaxing warmth of Otumuheke Stream.
    Taupo Bungy
    The Waikato River is stunning, and the bungy company has a great view over it.

    2. You can do some really cool things besides just a standard solo jump. Sissy has a fear of heights to put it mildly, so the option to jump tandem was a huge draw for us. If you want to dip into the water (because who wouldn’t?!) you can, or if you’d rather stay dry that’s not a problem either. 47 meters may not be the highest bungy in the world, however it is the highest water touch bungy in New Zealand and a height that’s plenty scary to get your adrenaline going, while not being so extreme that it paralyzes first timers with fear.

    Taupo Bungy
    You can dip in the water, how amazing is that??
    Taupo Bungy
    I’ll tell you one thing, it’s better together.

    3. You don’t have to hang upside down while waiting for a tow line, while the blood rushes to your head and you get really uncomfortable. That’s right, the worst part of bungy jumping (minus the scariness of stepping off of the platform) is bypassed by Taupo Bungy. When you finally stop bouncing they simply lower you down to a rubber motorboat below, where they gently drop you and ferry to the shore where you can enjoy a short stroll back to the platform, probably to jump again.

    Taupo Bungy
    No hanging upside down while waiting for a tow line is plenty of reason to smile.
    Taupo Bungy
    I may have gone twice 🙂

    4. Not only are you above the longest river in New Zealand, you’re right next to the largest lake in the country in the great Lake Taupo, and the most visited natural attraction in Huka Falls. We stayed at the freedom camp Reid’s Farm, which is a five minute drive from Taupo Bungy, and of course is completely free to camp at. Visiting Huka Falls will require another five minute drive, as will Otumuheke Stream. If you’re into hiking you’ll have to visit the Tongariro Alpine Crossing just an hour drive away, which is also free.

    Huka Falls
    Nearby Huka Falls are free to visit, and are a bright blue rush of water.
    Emerald Lakes
    The Emerald Lakes in the nearby Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

     Getting There

    Taupo Bungy is at 202 Spa Road, Taupo. It’s roughly three and a half hours south of Auckland by car or four and a half north of Wellington. Lots of the tour companies around the country stop by Huka Falls, which has a walking path linking the two sites as well. You’ll see the business easily from the road.

    Overall Thoughts

    Taupo Bungy is the nicest and most professionally run bungy I’ve been to. The surroundings are second to none and there are plenty of must see sights in the area. Jumping here is nerve wracking without being overwhelming, and is just about as pleasant as you could ask for. If you intend to bungy in the land that originated commercial bungy, Taupo Bungy is worth a visit.

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