Northern Africa

Felucca on the nile

Almost a year after landing in Egypt, we’ve finally uploaded a short video from our time in Northern Africa! Through Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia, we spent months journeying over land and meeting some amazing people and seeing sights we never knew existed.


Egypt was such a roller coaster ride for us. From our first week in Hurghada, scuba diving, meeting wild dolphins in the Red Sea, and experiencing the warmth of the friendly people, to the rough streets of Cairo where machine guns and military personnel were on every corner, things changed quite drastically. The historical sites such as Abu Simbel, the Pyramids of Giza, King Tut’s Tomb, sailing down the Nile, and loads more were phenomenal, however the military rule of the country and plague of terrorism made the trip a lot tougher than expected.



Sudan was very tough for me to get into as American-Sudanese relations have been very poor since Sudan harbored Osama Bin Laden in the nineties and the US bombed a civilian factory. Once we were finally in the country the people were probably the friendliest I had ever encountered. Sudan is home to more pyramids than Egypt, with the majority of the historical sites still waiting to be unearthed. There is a no photography law that we definitely didn’t break…. except what you see here of course!

Meroe Sudan


Ethiopia ended up being worlds different than we imagined, and one of our favorite countries we’d ever been to! Massive ancient European looking castles, underground churches carved out of stone mountains, wild gelada monkeys, and a mountain range that dwarfed many that we know well in the western world were all part of the appeal of the country. In a place that has over 200 languages being spoken and tribes still living as they always have in remote regions, Ethiopia has a diversity that is second to none.

Hamer Tribe

Check out the video and read up on our travels last year throughout Africa, with this video showing the first leg of that journey!


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