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Phong Nha

Traveling overland through over a dozen African countries, backpacking through southeast Asia for the better part of a year, and living in South America are all amazing experiences, but what about travel for those of us with jobs and vacations that will last a few weeks? Planning a once in a lifetime trip can be confusing, and  while roughing it can be nice, having a comfortable room at a good value at the end of the day can make it even nicer. This is where experienced travel sites with world class tours come into play. Using a service like Webjet Exclusives can help take the anxiety out of planning a big trip, and save you money while doing so.

Halong Bay
Being able to enjoy a relaxing cruise through Halong Bay is nicer when someone else deals with the planning.

If you’ve never been to this amazing continent, thoughts of Africa can evoke images of the most beautiful nature and wildlife in the world, incredible culture, immense landscapes, and also substandard accommodation to those who are uninitiated. While we have stayed in some of the most basic accommodation available during our six months on the continent, during a vacation over a few weeks you may want to skip that experience and focus on the beauty around you by staying in luxury lodges that would cost an arm and a leg when booked independently. Over the course of 10 days on one of‘s Africa tours you can visit one of the largest waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls, go on safari in the incomparable Kruger National Park, and explore one of our favorite cities in the world, Cape Town.

African Safari
You’ll want to pause on your game drive to admire a mother rhino with her son.
Wallies Cave Cape Town
Don’t miss an amazing hike to admire Table Mountain in beautiful Cape Town.

Cruising through one of the world’s premier game reserves on an African safari, meeting wild rhino, enormous African elephants, and majestic lions is an experience without equal. On our first visit to Kruger National Park we were lucky enough to see the entire big five – lions, leopards, cape buffalo, elephants, and rhinoceros, which is something that isn’t so rare in the park, but is incredibly rare elsewhere. Hanging over the edge of Victoria Falls while water roared past us and a guide held onto our ankles was an experience that we’ll never forget!

Devil's Pool
Hanging over one of the largest waterfalls in the world is an incredible experience!

Vietnam tours are an amazing way to see a country with out of this world scenery and incredible culture while making the most of a limited amount of time. Jagged karst islands towering above the ocean in Halong Bay, an ancient city in Hoi An, and a modern cultural experience in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) highlight the unique and incredible country that is as beautiful as the people are friendly. While in the area if you have time, a short trip across the border will start your Cambodia holiday.

Halong Bay
Kayaking through caves under karst mountains to find hidden lagoons is how you’ll spend your time in Halong Bay.

Asia tours can pack a lot of taste, culture, and scenery into a short period of time as well. A standard two week vacation can easily get you into Myanmar, a country that until recently has been virtually shut off to outsiders. Ancient temples in Bagan go on as far as the eye can see, and beautiful Inle Lake is a short drive away. Watching local fishermen navigate the canals around the lake, rowing with on leg and balancing on the other is a sight to be seen!

Balloons Over Bagan
Sunrise in Bagan is on par with some of the best sunrises we’ve seen!
Inle Lake
One of the fishermen at sunrise on Inle Lake.

Of course anyone looking for an amazing deal in South America has options to visit in style as well, even while visit ancient ruins and immense canyons. In just three weeks you can visit one of the world’s largest waterfalls, explore the incredible Machu Picchu, and admire the snow capped Andes. A South America tour can be as relaxing and comfortable as it is inexpensive, and by having all flights included, you won’t have to waste your vacation on long bus rides while you could be out adventuring.

Machu Picchu
One of the most incredible ancient sites in the world, Machu Picchu cannot be missed!

There are all different kinds of adventure, and while travelers will all choose their own favorite methods, the most important thing is that we get out there and see the world in the way that suits us. If you’ve been wanting to get out there but just haven’t made the time, or you’re looking for your next big vacation, check out some of the tailor-made experiences that are available here. We can’t wait to see you out there!

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