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We are a German and American couple that met while traveling, fell in love, and quit our jobs and normal lives to travel the world together. Sissy is a multilingual German masters graduate who loves SCUBA diving and is working on her dive master certification. David is an adventure seeking American that loves to hike, snowboard, dive, and travel. We met in Taganga, Colombia one day while David was participating in his first SCUBA dive and Sissy was working on a new SCUBA certification. We talked the entire boat ride, kept talking over lunch, and have been together ever since.

Just over a year ago we sat together on the edge of the Grand Canyon, admiring the scenery and figuring out what hike we wanted to do. Today we're waiting for the last leg of our flight to New Zealand where we're excited to get out and hike some more!

The first months we dated was hard as Sissy lived in small town outside of Munich, Germany and David lived in Reno, Nevada in the US. During Sissy’s first trip to the US we took a road trip around the west coast and southwest. We spent more time in Reno, Tahoe, and San Francisco on her next trip, and we met in Puerto Rico on her final trip to the states before we left to travel together. David quit his job of nine years with Best Buy, leaving from his sales manager role. He sold or donated most of his belongings, and put his houses up for sale. Sissy sold or donated most of her belongings as well and then we began our adventures!

Emerald Lakes

We’ve traveled through South America, North America, Europe, southeast Asia, traveled over land from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa, lived in New Zealand, and are currently traveling and working in Western Australia. Our travels usually consist of sleeping in tents, camper vans, and hostels, and getting around in the cheapest ways possible, so we can focus our funds on once in a lifetime experiences. Whether it’s climbing a mountain, diving in the ocean, or heading on safari, we want to bring you along for the journey and give any advice and information possible.

Kilimanjaro Uhuru

Feel free to contact us at traveltolive15@gmail.com or via the contact form below.

3 Replies to “About Us”

  1. Monika Görtler says: Reply

    Liebe Sissy und David,
    viele liebe Grüße von Oma Gunda und Opa Hans. Wir freuen uns auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen. Euro Bilder sind wunderschön.
    Wir hoffen, es geht euch gut. Wir vermissen euch. Kommt gesund wieder nach Hause.
    Alles Gute und liebe und bis hoffentlich bald .

  2. Suniti Peters says: Reply

    Hi guys,

    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for Omanawa falls. My fiance and I are moving to Auckland and I have to admit this blog has all the info and more that I was after. You are doing a great job with the blog and the information is so helpful and honest.
    You have truly saved me a lot time from pointless browsing for the right thing.
    Good luck with your future travels.

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your nice comment 🙂 we’re glad to hear that we could help and hope you and your fiancé will enjoy Auckland and the surroundings! Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.

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