Felucca on the nile

As we left Luxor early in the morning, we were excited to head south to Aswan. Two hours into the drive we stopped at the temple of Edfu. The temple of Edfu was dedicated to the falcon god Horus, and is one of the best preserved temples in Egypt. The temple was built between 237 and […]


Karnak temple Statues

After leaving Cairo, we finally arrived at our hotel in Luxor with police escorts to both our sides of the truck. We were super hungry, so out of convenience we decided to eat at their restaurant. Some of the people in our group were already down there waiting for their food when we walked in. It […]


Pyramids of Giza

After just about a week in Hurghada diving in the Red Sea and seeing the city, we finally arrived in Cairo a short 6 and a half hour bus ride later. The first thing we noticed about Cairo on the way in was that the traffic was out of control! We thought driving in Hurghada […]