Top things to see in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

The Catalan city of Barcelona attracts millions of visitors every year with its abundance of art and culture. Thanks to cheap flights within Europe, with airlines like Ryanair or Vueling, it is easy and cheap to get there if you’re already on the continent. While you’ll have to spend some money on the most famous […]

Rome in Two Days

Vatican Rome

Top Things to See in Rome Every corner of Rome seems to be full of history, beautiful architecture, ancient ruins, or a grandiose church. While walking through this amazing city we encountered tons of beautiful places and although we only had two days to spend in Rome, we managed to see lots of the most […]


The first time I visited Santiago de Chile in August 2012 was with a couple of friends, and I fell in love with the city. We arrived there after a 20 hour bus ride, crossing the border high up in the Andes coming from Argentina. Thanks to Santiago’s great metro system, we managed to get […]