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We Travel to Live is a travel and adventure blog, Instagram, and Facebook account full of original content geared toward the cost conscious, high energy traveler in their late teens to late 30s. All photos, videos, and text written was created by us. We have an international audience across our accounts with North America and Europe as our highest shares of followers.

A breakdown of our Instagram audience by country/continent.

Our followers have come to expect extraordinary sights, having followed us over land from Egypt to South Africa, trekking to Machu Picchu, ascending Mount Kilimanjaro, and visiting ancient Bagan in Myanmar, among other amazing travels. They like to hear where we go and what advice we can give, learning where their hard earned dollars are wisely spent.

We work to align your products and services with our readers interests.

Why Work With Us

We’ve traveled in six of the seven continents and have tons more to see. If you’re looking for an experienced creator to work with that intends to continue creating and driving traffic for a long time, we fit the bill perfectly. Our travel itinerary is full for quite a while and we intend to bring your brand along for the ride.

If you’re in need of extreme content, we can do that, as well as relaxed and pleasant posts. We bungee jump, sky dive, hike up incredibly high mountains, and of course relax on the beach and admire gorgeous waterfalls, and anything in between.

Taupo Bungy
Sponsored content from a bungee jumping collaboration.


We currently have 13,000+ followers on Instagram, averaging just under 1,000 likes per image, which makes this our strongest platform. Our audience gender split is almost straight down the middle, with 51% male and 49% female.

We will direct traffic back to your social media accounts and website through tags, URLs, and tracking via discount codes if you provide them.

Our blog currently averages around 5,000 unique visitors per month and volume has been steadily increasing. Blog posts can include location reviews, tour reviews, and product reviews, and will be truthfully written for brands and partners we know we can stand behind. A few examples of brands that we’ve worked with include Daniel Wellington watches, Taupo Bungy, Hamilton Perkins, Balloons Over Inle,, and Leaf by Bellabeat.

How to Work Together

Email your collaboration proposal or idea to and we will respond shortly.

We are open to brand ambassadorships, partnerships, reviews, and advertisements on our page. All of these will be professionally written/shot and any paid work will include a full disclaimer in the text (blog posts only).

If you are unsure on whether your company or product would be a fit drop us a line and we will let you know what we think.